Girlguiding Dumfriesshire Leaders

About the Friendship Fund

Do you know a member who needs a little help? Perhaps to buy their uniform? Perhaps to pay their term fees or census fees? Perhaps some help to get to camp or pack holiday? 


The Friendship Fund exists for this purpose and will provide financial support by way of a small grant to any member of the County – girls or adults - who may need a helping hand. 


How to apply 

A parent or leader can send a letter to the Friendship Fund Co-ordinator (see below for details). She will review it with her team and let the applicant know the decisions. The request and the outcome are a private matter between the Friendship Fund and the person who applies. 


Girlguiding Dumfriesshire Friendship Fund Co-ordinated by Christine Justice, 25 West Acres, Lockerbie DG11 2EL. You can also contact Christine by email:


The fund gets its money from donations. If any unit would like to raise funds for the Friendship Fund, we would be delighted. Just send the cheque to Christine or ask her to come to your Unit and present it to her.