Friends of Guiding Badge

Friends of Guiding

Friends of Guiding are parents, relatives and friends of members, or Girlguiding members themselves, who:

  • support the aims of Girlguiding
  • actively work to help their local unit(s),
    District, Division or other area.

Every District and/or Division is encouraged to have a Friends of Guiding group. The aim of each group is to help local Leaders or Commissioners, eg by fundraising, providing resources for events or establishing contacts with other local organisations.

A Friend of Guiding does not wear guidewear unless she/he is undertaking a role in guiding that entitles her/him to do so. She/he may wear a Friend of Guiding badge; this does not confer membership of Girlguiding.

All supporters are encouraged to be members of Girlguiding.



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